Ferguson Warehouse & Showroom

Tenant Finish, Industrial, Retail

Adaptive reuse of a former sports betting lounge and family entertainment center into a plumbing supply showroom and warehouse facility. This occupied, phased, design-build project included extensive demolition and a total refresh of the interior space and exterior façade. Newly added features include recessed loading dock and doors, sales counters, LED lighting, updated fire protection and parking lot resurfacing.

  • 1840 W. Oxford Ave.
    Sheridan, CO 80110
  • Size:
    102,000 sf
  • Client:
    Cadence Capital Investments
  • Architect:
    Intergroup Architects

“Alcorn Construction worked with us to convert a retail property into an industrial property while the tenant remained open throughout the process. Alcorn’s senior team partnered with us from the beginning and their expertise was instrumental to our success from the design stage through budgeting and execution. Their guidance and cost-effective numbers allowed us to achieve a significant ROI on the project-from an initial napkin sketch budget, which we used to purchase the property, to the final contract value at closeout. Alcorn was capable, solution-oriented and maintained good relations with our tenant and the city through the construction. I view them as a partner and as exceptional providers in the marketplace.”